Be Curious Not Judgmental!!!

“We are more than the bodies we inhabit,” Fawkes said. “They’re little more than clothes, and yet we judge so much by them.”
― Michael J. Sullivan
Be Curious Not Judgmental!!!
Have you ever judged somebody?
Yes? No? NAYA?
I think we should just accept the fact that judging others is the part of human nature, & we often judge people without even realizing, some of us won’t accept it but I think we don’t really have any control over it.
I think for me life has offered me lots of encounters in life which has taught me never to judge any person without knowing their side of the story.
Well, today am going to share my personal experience.
There was a girl in my college always in a rush to go home after the classes ends & I always use to wonder why the hell is she always in a rush wherein other classmates use to enjoy after classes she was never interested in staying & enjoying, well my entire girl gang use to gossip & assume certain things about her, Once it was our freshers meet & everybody was enjoying but she again tried escaping early I got more irritated and had all negative thoughts about her.
Later, I ended up becoming her project partner & just a few words and my whole impression towards that girl changed. Once a slut, freak, over-smart girl became independent, strong, responsible, & understanding individual. That’s exactly how wrong we really are in our life to assume things before even knowing the truth; ending up with lots of negativity which at the end of the day will only and only harm us.
Do you know where she used to go after classes? well she was an independent working girl who use to earn even after so many classes everyday & used to work extra hours to support her education on her own, to not to be a burden on the family, & live life on her own terms!!!
I was guilty and really felt sorry for the way I thought about someone without even knowing them. I learnt one more lesson yet again and have literally promised myself to never ever assume anything before really knowing the facts about something or someone.

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