The Purpose…

So much of hustle bustle every single day, Everybody’s slumbers are just gone, nobody really wish to sleep.

Humans are working like machines, or let me put it straight, Humans  are basically turning out to be so-called machines.

Everybody wishes to climb the ladder so high!!!

What if I say stop.. Stop right there…

Well, I have been damn busy these days, soo busy in daily chores that I couldn’t recall todays date & it took exact 1 minute to figure out todays date..

Isn’t it sad, I told to myself and I stopped thinking about everything (not about my office, my job, my clothes,  food, family, friends & I was not even thinking about my dog – now you can imagine that my head actually was on standstill mode)

So I actually stopped pondering on about almost everything & I don’t know from where this strange word popped in my head..


Followed by so many questions ( You know curious kid problems – who asks hell lot of questions)

Am I doing what I suppose to do?

What’s the purpose of this life?

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

Am I purposely fulfilling that reason in any manner?

I often stumble upon such questions & am still trying to figure out the answers. Do you feel this way? Do you stumble upon such questions anytime.

Share your life encounters & stories if you think somewhat similar would love to hear..


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      1. It’s ok to be like that but I am 100% sure that you have a great deal of things to share with the world. Trust me, people will love to read your thoughts and your opinions. Please keep writing and post daily because you have an awesome writing voice inside you my friend and I know you can do it !! Just keep writing 😊

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