This Diwali lets clean our hearts first!!!

Diwali – Festival of ferry lights, of goddess Lakshmi, yummy delicacies, get-together, Family – Friends, Traditional outfits, colorful rangoli & lots & lots of sweets & lot more.

Well it started with a great news by supreme court – Ban on firecrackers in Delhi which surely offered Delhi NCR a quite & promising evening & comparatively fresh air to breath.

Now, you must have sensed what my post is all about today, yes, it’s about Diwali – which celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Until last year I have also celebrated Diwali in a very usual manner by just starting my day by getting up late in morning since it’s a holiday, ending up eating a king size breakfast with a dessert & all decked up in new clothes visiting relatives to distribute gifts & sweets. & finally ending the day by worshipping goddess Laxmi to bless everybody all year-long.

You must be thinking by now what’s new this time, well an eye-opener. Yes, true you heard me right.

This time I was fortunate enough that I got a chance to visit one of the slums of east Delhi by the help of the organization named RAAH Foundation – For Enlightening lives.

IMG_1817 (1)

They have celebrated Diwali under the theme of “Humanityaboveall” wherein underprivileged adolescent girls & boys of all the religions came forward & celebrated the festival together. They taught us before any religion we are “HUMANS” & Humanity Is Above All Religions.


Above all a very cute thing happened to me which was totally awe-inspiring & right that moment I thought I can’t sleep without sharing about this bacha. & in a way, he inspired me to put things in this manner out here.

Well here is the picture of the kid who inspired –IMG_1819

The story behind this picture is that he came to attend the event little late & I spotted him because he was different, Very cheerful & vivacious. He came with colors on his hands, out of curiosity I asked him how his hands are colored, then he explained how his dad got remaining paint from his office to paint his house & his dad & this cute boy painted the house overnight with shoe brushes. While he shared, I could sense the utter happiness & satisfaction that they could decorate the house for his younger sister who was very excited for Diwali. I wish I was blessed with such a brother.

Well, the take away from this incident was to stay happy & feel blessed with whatever we have currently. I have seen a lot of people who crib all the time of not getting what they desire in life but I think what more important is to feel good about what we have at this moment. A lot of people are not really fortunate to even have the basic amenities of life. So, on that note we should be thankful to god every day for the beautiful life which is gifted to us.

At the end, A very Happy Diwali to each one of you, will be coming up with lot more inspiring stories shortly, Till than TSCHUSS 🙂



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