Weave your own Dreams

Weave your own Dreams!!


Weave your own dreams,

Instigate & you’ll see that moonbeam,

Even if you feel, that’s not a cake-walk,

You should take that one step & shouldn’t really feel blocked,

In the end, you’ll feel gleamed.


This is so true, when you have faith in yourself, you can do anything.

I believe – our faith moves mountains, yesterday it was Mother’s Day & I have again something cool to share here.

I have met an inspiring mother of 4 girls who is immensely talented & inspires everyone around.

Meet Pooja – A janitor by profession, who without having any formal education & trainings on textiles & clothing’s have acquired the art of hand embroidery & smocking (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smocking)

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The moment I saw her art, I decided that shouldn’t go in vain.

The other day I was showing one of my friend her designs, just by looking at those designs she managed to get her an order & she did smocking for a renowned institute, will be sharing the images of her design here.

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These days I have been meeting lots of women artisans who are gobsmackingly talented but the unfortunate thing is they barely have two-course meal. They have limited knowledge & resources.

Hence, I am trying to make a group of women artisans who are skilled in different art forms, arranging couple of trainings for them, so that they can earn their livelihood & can stand tall, no matter what comes in their way!

On that note, I will urge you if anyone of you can connect us for trainings & work for the ladies, would be a great help, will be sharing some of the samples of their work soon in next post.

Well, At the end Happy mother day to all the wonderful mothers out there, Though I don’t believe in such days because every day should be Mother’s Day & why not?


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