God gave Burdens, Also Shoulders!

My today’s write-up revolves around one very strong kid who’s got really strong shoulders & a brave heart.

Today morning I was bit cranky & was shouting on everybody and was throwing tantrums around,

I woke up feeling extremely sad about a couple of things, well, almost everything actually.

Sometimes, I think you don’t have a reason for that emptiness, you barely know why do you feel the certain way, well happens to me a lot of times. And on the brighter side I tend to get happy & excited as well – That too for no reason. 🙂 That’s how weird I am.

So I have finally figured out a solution to these sad days, a small way to be grateful for the things I have & not complain. Because you know when you’ll look around & analyse, everybody has given a weight that they can carry, that they can manage, that they can, if a hurdle, can cross!

It’s just up to you how you want to take that challenge, by cribbing all the way, or Just by accepting & growing in whatever situation you are planted in!

Well, Coming to the Kid I was talking about is a boy from whom I take Eggs for polo (MY Dog)

It’s almost been a year that I have been noticing this guy, somewhere aged between 12-16, who so effortlessly with a huge smile on his face sells Eggs to support his family & at the same time goes to school in morning & funds his education on his own.

It use to break my heart in pieces when I use to see him selling eggs & not knowing his story but fortunately  I got a chance to find him alone & talked to him. After having that conversation my entire perspective of him being poor & vulnerable changed to brave & smart.

A smart kid with a vision, who knows & had a concrete plan as to what he aspires & how to achieve it.

Life is just so beautiful when you look around and observe things, It teach you to the core! You just got to have those eyes!

On that note, I have even managed to click his picture with his consent.

Pinku with an innocent smile & starry eyes!



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