Fail, Taste it!!

Fail – Taste the failure!

“If we allow the fear of failure to keep us from acting, we will never reach our full potential.”


Well, I took shared rickshaw for my place today & I overheard a conversation between a daughter & her mother, they were discussing about the daughter’s maths marks in her recent test, wherein the mother sounded really furious on her & were scolding that 15 year old for not scoring above 80.

Sometimes I don’t understand why parents put so much pressure on kids for these so called “scores”

One thing I don’t know why was very satisfying that I just interrupted her mother & told her that I scored 0 out of 20 in my school days & still managing to earn my bread these days, To which she smiled & explained me that how mischievous today’s generation is, They need the daily dose in her language 😀

Well to that I would still say, never create pressure on kids, Talk to them, explain them, and Help them, even let them experience that feeling, & show trust on them.

Let them taste that failure, so that they can value that win!

On that note, I am grateful & thank god, as to I was such a loser in maths still my parents never scolded me even once, rather always supported me & encouraged me to do better each passing day.

On that Note one limerick again J


Fail fall, Fall Fail

May be, Instill a pace that of a snail

Don’t be afraid of your fears,

It will eventually disappear

& let them pour from the sky just like a hail.


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