Be an encourager! The world has plenty of critics already!

It’s easy to break somebody’s spirit, it takes strength to take it up!

Do we ever think while even making a slightest of a sarcastic comment on somebody?

When you make them a butt of a joke. Isn’t it like really easy to laugh on someone by bullying them for their appearances, for their way of talking, for their way of dressing, & what not?

I feel its soo easy to make someone feel inferior, Isn’t it?

I feel it’s the easiest thing on the face of earth. You can easily make that girl conscious about the way she is dressed, yes you can make a guy feel totally embarrassed for the way he has pronounced or probably he uttered a word, you even have great guts to make kid think how stupid he/she for his/her innocence!

The world is turning a lot into a bitter place or a better place? Any thoughts?

Let me give you the background as to how I decided to talk about this topic today,

So last weekend I went to a local street market where I had Golgappas (Panipuri is a common street snack in several regions of the Indian subcontinent. It consists of a round, hollow puri, fried crisp and filled with a mixture of flavored water (commonly known as imli pani), tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion or chickpeas) – being one of my all time favorite snack.

Picture for your reference 🙂 Isn’t it mouthwatering! Image courtesy – google

By the way it’s a very difficult task to serve Panipuri to 10 people in a queue at a time with different taste preferences. So it’s about a poor fellow who was serving us the Panipuri, while we were eating it, a lady came there & started eating it around me.

So while this poor fellow was serving to 10 people simultaneously, he missed serving her a Panipuri with tamarind chutney, on which that lady got furious and started cursing him badly. To my surprise, the owner of the shop also scolded the poor chap for not catering to her request.

Here I am just trying to make a comment, like can’t we ignore such things sometimes or may be use a polite manner to educate the people rather than throwing our frustration on people who can’t say anything to us. Why we always want to break somebody’s spirit because somehow I feel these poor people are anyways engulfed with poverty & we by such reactions sort of making this world a difficult place to live!

I somehow feel that we as humans dont even realize how shattering a comment can be for the one whose at the receiving end.Lets just be little considerate about there feelings, we owe them there due respect in all manners

I wouldn’t have been writing this elaborated incident here if that lady just would have simply handled this situation with a cool head!


on that note, I am swinging my way into Wednesday! Have a wonderful Wednesday to you too..

#Wednesday-scribbling 🙂



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