Substance abuse at workplace!

Today I am taking up a serious and an extremely important issue on my blog.

Recently I got an opportunity to counsel the Jury members of an esteemed organisation

One of ITC’s division in  Saharanpur

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& the topic was Substance abuse at workplace and its repercussions

Well, let me give a little background as to what substance abuse really mean – This is basically mean the patterned usage of any drug in excessive amount which is harmful for others as well as to them.

Now some drugs which are associated to this term can be – alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, opioid etc.

As to my knowledge the youth of our nation is falling into this drug trap incessantly.

Coming to the session in ITC, we discussed about the major repercussions of substance abuse – The prominent and disturbing repercussion is the criminal activities and anti-social behavior and in addition to this physical, social, and psychological harms are also associated to the intoxicated people, which not only affects the person but also the family and ultimately the society.

And I feel This menace needs to be handled carefully as its solution is not limited to medical intervention only. The individual concerned, his family, friends, the society, the government and the legal system all have to work in tandem to tackle this menace.”

Going back in my college days (while i was pursuing masters in development studies), I once got to visit a slum and talked about this issue, where I got to know some of the heart wrenching stories of women who were at the receiving end of it. Since the men of the family were not the bread earners rather were the ones who were into unnecessary spending’s on alcohol.  Which makes it difficult for the women and the kids in the family.

Not just this, but arousal of issues such as child abuse, domestic violence, rape, burglary and assault comes up as an additional package associated with it.

As Alcoholism is associated with loss of employment, which can lead to financial problems, with the help of role-plays and interactive sessions and games I forced them to think about the other side of the coin. Think about the lasting impression it leaves on their children.

In Indian rural setup, I feel people are not at all aware about such repercussions or maybe they have never even looked at it the way we are looking it.

I always want to aware people with whatever knowledge that I acquire.

I am glad ITC people invited me & I got a chance to know some amazing people.

I hope, even if only a single person will act responsibly and change that would be my win, as I believe – They may be just a few, like drops in the ocean. But, we should deeply value their contribution as we believe that every drop makes an ocean!

On that note “ Happy Friday” 🙂


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