Strength in Scars!

There is strength in our scars – scars are often associated being awful,a blotch, something discoloured, a blemish, something that destroys the beauty, something with a bad memory,something that has a lasting impression on our mind, something that make us recollect a bad incident, something that triggers negative thoughts, something that contains pain within it, something that gives you jitters down your spine, something that stigmatize,something that traumatized…. Well so much of negative connotations that are attached to it, on the contrary being one inquisitive soul i find scars something really interesting,something intriguing, something that has taught us something and has a moral, something that will make us remember our faults may be, something that is there within us beneath the layer of our skin that stays with us really long, because some of the people i have encountered in life with the deepest scars have the kindest souls, some of the human beings i know, have been through so much at the hands of others, and still they love so deeply, i feel scars don’t tell you to stop rather they tell you to look forward to the brighter side, They tell you not to have a hard & heavy heart because of that one incident rather by being there deep in your skin they teaches you to be strong with its remainings.somehow i also feel that people with the scars are beautiful –

Now you will ask me why so? to answer that i would say, because people with scars would refuse to be hardened and they would never want to make another person feel the same way they themselves have felt, That might seem peculiar to you but this is what it is!

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