Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice!

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice!

They will drag you & then will brag about it

They will break your spirit & then will be happy about it.

They will demotivate you & then will get motivated by themselves.

They will snatch the opportunities from you yet will start climbing that ladder

They will spread rumours, they will stab you.

They will kill that vibe in every nook and cranny of your heart.

They will try and ransack

But it’s on you to understand the stark contrast & muster courage and come out as a warrior.

Go initiate a crusade against all the odds, be fully committed to reinvigorating your own life.

You have that glitter & gold inside you for sure, you just have to unearth it asap, because we all are born with it, the only thing is that you sometimes don’t really understand or realise it.

People ought to say something or other. Don’t focus much, just channelize your energy to embrace the glory that you are.


Even if you think that one step could be risky enough, at least prepare for it, here I am not really saying that you should not think about the potential risks and take a random step. NO – Plan, Prepare, practice, & then perform. Reason why I am sharing it here today is that I have even taken a step breaking all the odds and trying a field where I feel my strings are attached where there is a certain kind of pull which provides me feeling of fulfilment and a feeling of being content.

Stay Hungry.. Stay Foolish..

In my next story will be sharing how I celebrated my Bday over the last weekend. Till then Stay tuned!!!


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