Social awareness is overrated whilst self-awareness is underrated!!

“Play of Life” In the play of life one is not allowed to showcase their honest self since that’s not in the script at all rather socializing,  even you don’t want to,  is the key to success.

Yesterday coming back from a party with the friends made me think too seriously what I really wanted in my life was some peace and not much shrill, well it doesn’t really signify that I don’t value my friends and don’t want to spend time with them but somehow when so much is going around you and there is soo many tabs opened in your brain you get numb and try to go with the flow without ample questioning.

That made me ponder & understand lack of self-awareness that exists at this juncture.

I feel we are so habituated to camouflage and not peeking that window deep down our skin and question us.

Sometimes we just want to get away from things we don’t want at the moment & just randomly want to experience more fulfilment and happiness, little did we know happiness comes from within and for that you need to start asking yourself questions, dig deep down your heart and create what you want and nurture it 🙂

Isn’t the point of being social means getting to know yourself first? To be aware and be comfortable in your own skin? To share the RAW, you with the world outside. On that note, Start asking yourself questions – whenever you look at the mirror and get conscious of your outlook, ponder more and try feeding your soul that’s what you need the most.

Just a random thought came to my head this festive season so thought to pen down!

Will be sharing some fairy lights and Diwali gleam in my next post because the most anticipated time of the year has begun.. Wahoo 🙂 Diwali on the way!!!


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