An year older, An year wiser?

Hey People, Today I am pretty excited to share something that is really near to my Heart.

Well as I told you in my last post that I’ll be sharing how I celebrated my Birthday, you must be wondering this girl still get excited for Birthdays? at this age? To answer that I will always get this crazy & why not, I know I also feel it’s been a painful reminder that with another year passing, I’m still a mess. Still I want to make myself realize how wonderful is it that I am blessed to have all the luxuries in my life & lead a privileged life. (Thanks God for everything)

Yes, you turned a year old, Don’t frown my friend on the flip side you have turned a year wiser as well.

It is in the backdrop that on this Birthday I decided to visit an organisation that I visit every now & then – CANKIDS KIDSCAN – An organisation dedicated to provide support to kids suffering with Cancer with best standards of treatment, care for children with cancer and their families from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and after into survivorship, or relapse, palliation and bereavement.

CANKIDS KIDSCAN – has their Home away home model where they provide low-cost accommodation to kids & their Families. They basically work with the Hospitals and Doctors and has a social support team which provides a range of Can kids support services to children with Cancer and their families – based on their needs.


And it brings me joy to share that they deeply care about every child come to their centre & never miss a chance to bring the smile on their faces, SO I have had a hunch that they will like a cake for sure I went with cake and goodies to them and spent my day with them, these kids even though were on chemotherapy were filled with lots of love and, the happiness I got is just indescribable. In case you resonate with this try spending your time with people who need you the most (will be sharing some links in my next post)


Well, coming back to My Birthday – It was a day full of people sending love and well wishes, and celebrating me, Will share a picture of my cute cupcakes as well which I ate forcefully since I dint wished to eat something that cute 🙂


And I would like to Thank each one you and a big Hug to each one of you. Lots of Love!!!

In the days since, I’ve found myself reflecting on my 27th year. Where it went wrong, but also where it went right? What challenges had I overcame? What steps had I taken to grow and better myself? What memories brought me joy? Who played an important role in my life that year? Through this reflection, I looked forward to the upcoming year. I realized that I’m going to need to give myself a few things. Belated birthday gifts may be. Those four gifts are: acceptance, patience, courage, and forgiveness. They will help lead a better life.

On that Note I am rushing since polo(he is my cute dog) is literally sitting on my head since it’s his walk time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some of the pictures i took that day!

Have a wonderful weekend. Yayyyy I just Realised its FRIYAYAYYYYY!!!!


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