Just try to be as Happy as you put out in the universe!!!

Just try to be as Happy as you put out in the universe!!!

Well recently when I shared a limerick with couple of friends I came across a variation of questions hung out to that.

Like I always tell people that whatever I write that’s all my keen observation of my surroundings and knack of having curious thoughts that I try to pen down since I feel writing is my way of expressing things.

Coming back to the questions that’s been quoted to me – How can you write something extremely sad where in contrast you are a totally chirpy and effervescent young lady who seems to lead a happy and content life, to that I would just like to say that – The happiness someone wears and puts out into the universe should never be trusted to be the same amount of joy one has within. And sometimes if a person writing something doesn’t really the story of his/ her life, it can be anything that they feel about or may be anything that they have experienced around or may be something that triggers their thought process to dwell more upon. Well to me that’s a topic which catches my attention every now and then! This is something that I feel a lot of people do, they sort of hide the true emotions at the juncture, reason really hidden to me as to why they do so.

It’s perfectly OKAY to have bad days, bad months or may be bad years, & I know difficult situations make us weak in the knees but have you ever thought that if they are beyond our control what’s the point to be hung up to that situation.

And somehow I feel we all are grown old listening to HAPPY ENDING & Happily ever after – I somehow want to tell you there is no such thing as Happy ending, because your life Is lot more than that one bad incident and everything takes time and heal, and that when I say “It Gets Better,” it doesn’t mean “Everything Gets Solved.” It means you will still carry the weight from when things weren’t good, but you will be stronger for it the next time you’re unhappy—and that time will come. I want to show the battles that people go through. And I can’t think of a better way to show young people that you can be strong enough to survive and survive and survive and survive than to write a character who overcomes their darkness.

People please don’t lose hope & try to reflect and stay happy inside and out!!


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