Abandonment is ugly!

Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day, wagging that cute little tail.

Every day I reach back home, there is a fur ball waiting with wagging tail, eyes filled with love, throwing his sock toy on me to play, some days I don’t even get time to keep my bag down. Isn’t it a true form of love? Where in return, what they expect from is just little love. This topic was long due & had in my head swinging but I thought I will dedicate this on Polo’s birthday coming on 6th of December.

But something happened & triggered, can’t help writing about it straight away.

Yesterday while on walk with polo I saw one abandoned dog (pug) drinking water from a drain in a terrible state, with blood coming out from his eyes, covered with maggots. I couldn’t avert my gaze and instantly took him back home, gave him immediate first aid & food.

To my surprise he started responding us & playing with polo despite in a weak state.

Afterwards he was taken to an NGO (SPCA Noida) for his care.

It broke my heart into pieces how people abandoned him, how so many questions kept revolving in my head & I just tossed & turned the entire night.

They might have enjoyed that dogs baby years where he must have filled their life with so much of joy & in the end, in his last days they left him to die on the streets. How mean people can be? Love with meager conditions – Doesn’t surprise me much though at this juncture.

I never wanted to write about one of my favorite topic with such sad words at all, so coming back to Polo my dog – It is amazing how much love and laughter he brings into our house & lives and even how much closer we become as a family with each other because of him. (On that note – I have a family whose life revolves around their dog)


I look around and I see how rare such a powerful connection is between us, humans, and the members of the same species. It is very sad to take lessons about love from a dog, don’t you think?


On that I watched a movie a few years ago; this is one extremely emotional true story based movie about the bond between a man and his dog (you can find more about this movie here).

Tell me if you liked it or have you already watched it? What thoughts have you encountered while watching it?

I ll be writing more on it as my thoughts are still rambling but want to conclude just by saying that lets just not become so heartless and start taking the journey from where there is no way back home. Contemplate!!!

On that note. Have a Happy Monday & week ahead!


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