Beautiful?? What is it?

The definition can vary from person to person.

Here I am scribbling & rambling my thoughts to it.

image courtsey : Google

Being authentically you, an original, is beautiful.

Beauty is deep.

Beauty is beyond the physical. You can have a pretty face, but it is your soul, your passions, and what you do to make others and yourself better that makes you beautiful.

Beauty is that fire in your belly to be a better human every day.

Beauty is when you held that hand to ones who were in the desperate need.

Beauty is when you lend an ear to the ones who want to pour their heart out.

Beauty is when you draw your heart out with a crayon, because you know – Creativity is Beautiful.

Beauty is when you want silence yet want to write a poem for your precious ones.

Beauty isn’t that camouflaged version of you. Beauty lies in stained pyjama’s. At least For me it surely does.

Beautiful is lying on grass on a dark night and gazing dozens of stars

Or maybe it’s the madness that you have for that “one passion” in your life.

Beauty to me is to instantly run after my dog after a rugged day at work, How can I miss that point J

Beautiful to me is the kid playing in the mud,

Its again the feeling to me to jump in a puddle or making those paper boats for a river, Ahh this made me recollect my childhood memories.

I don’t know why I am just rambling whatever is coming to my head, here is the backdrop pf the incident that sort of made me to unearthed the true meaning of beauty to me.

So last evening after my office, I went to a flea market with my niece and she picked up a snowhite doll and said isn’t it just beautiful BUA, to that it’s pretty, don’t know why couldn’t I nod in agreement and said its beautiful, maybe because beauty to me is something different. Maybe that’s the way I always strive to be beautiful in the ways that matter!! In the ways that are meaningful or may be this is the way I perceive beauty.

Any thoughts? Or life encounters anyone would like to share?


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